Liberty DF Specifications (pdf)

Center Shot Hopper Up

Dual Fuel: High Performance Without the Headaches of a Diesel Chassis

The Liberty DF and DX models are identical except the DX is mounted on a diesel chassis and the DF is on a gasoline-powered chassis. Both are 4.35 cubic yard capacity, high-dumping, vacuum sweepers capable of picking a wide variety of debris from paved, concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Both models utilize a powerful diesel auxiliary engine that drives a blower fan to create blast and suction via a full width pickup head. A powerful curb broom is provided to remove debris from gutters or to scrub hard packed debris. Dust is kept to a minimum by an onboard pressurized water spray system and centrifugal dust separator.

A centralized console is provided in the truck cab to operate all sweeper operation systems. Once the debris has been collected, the operator simply backs up to a dumpster or dump area and raises the debris hopper to eliminate debris.

Check out the specifications of the Liberty DF for complete information about this innovative sweeper.

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